Selecting a district in Karnataka for Behaviour Change Communication: why Davangere?

By Nivedita Mani, Arghyam

Under the Behaviour Change Communication project, it was envisaged that a communication campaign would be created from a strategy. This campaign would be piloted in one district of Karnataka. For the communication agencies to carry out their immersive research for the strategy formulation, Arghyam was in discussions with the the Rural Development and Panchayati Raj (RDPR) department, Government of Karnataka, and district officials from across the state. The district selection for the research and pilot implementation of BCC project was a long process. Around 10 districts were shortlisted for this intervention, and in-depth research was done to narrow it down to one district. The selection criteria were based on the demographics, geographical location, achievement under NBA, amenability to a behavior change communication intervention, availability and access to water and good governance in the districts.

Map showing Davangere's location in Karnataka

Davangere’s location in Karnataka

Based on these criteria, Davangere was finally selected for the BCC research and pilot project. The district is centrally located and has cultural influences from north and central Karnataka, which is a large part of the target population for further scaling up. Further, the district administration is quite strong and committed to the cause of sanitation, which we felt were huge positives in terms of getting their support and cooperation for this project.


2 thoughts on “Selecting a district in Karnataka for Behaviour Change Communication: why Davangere?

  1. Does there exist some kind of community habits/features or about the ecosystem in general that can be labelled as locale to this district? It would be really exciting to know this, in case one plans to build on the learnings from this project in other areas. 🙂

    • Hi Samarth,

      If you mean things that are specific to Davangere, we are still discovering these in our research. We will publish more findings when we have more concrete evidence.

      Do watch this space for more updates, and help us spread the word about this blog.

      The BCC Team – Arghyam

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