A Toilet Map of India – by datastories.in

Datastories.in recently published an interesting post, showing a toilet map of India.


Around 47% of households across India reported having a toilet in the 2011 census, up from 36% of households in 2001. As [this] map below shows, the regions where a majority of households have a toilet are only a few – North and North-East India, Kerala and the Western Coastal region and parts of Gujarat. In addition, coastal Andhra and Nagpur are also significant. In the rest of the country, the larger urban centres form little ‘islands’ of privilege (in this regard) as compared with the areas around them.

View the entire post and explore the dynamic version of this map here.


2 thoughts on “A Toilet Map of India – by datastories.in

  1. This map fascinates me… probably because I’m in the U.S. where almost everyone has at least one toilet. Today is World Toilet Day, http://worldtoiletday.org/, and so I’m browsing others’ blogs on the topic.

    I hope that India isn’t having the same problems with wet wipes that we are here in America. Many people are starting to use wet wipes instead of toilet paper and wipes are NOT flushable as many manufacturers claim. This has become a global problem and the National Association of Clean Water Agencies has a great webpage about this,

    Thank you for what you’re doing to help others with sanitation!

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